Watch KumKum Bhagya Today’s Written Update & Episode 17th August 2022

You will see this in the episode of KumKum Bhagya Ranbir bringing tea for Prachi. He says he wanted to bring Pakodas, but he doesn’t know how to make it, and that’s why brought hot tea. He asks her not to judge it. She sips the tea and says it is good to keep the body warm. He says he has added so much love to love. She tastes tea and says milk, tea and sugar are in equal quantity. He says the tea and gives it to her. She sips and praise. Shahna comes into the room and says everyone is waiting.

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi takes shahana out. Everyone is waiting in the hall. Rhea comes there and asks what is the matter. Pallavi says there was a call from the hospital and they have sent the report, it is on its way. Some come to the door then Pallavi says that report came. Ranbir asks Prachi to be careful. Prachi receives the reports. She asks Rhea to take the report. Aaliya asks why she is giving this report to Rhea. Prachi says this is not a report, but her answer. She says Rhea is having several doubts which need to be responded to.

Prachi asks rhea to open the reports and she says Rhea should read the reports because she has doubted her. Rhea says if the report will go according to Prachi then she will say sorry to touch feet. Prachi asks her to read the report and clear her doubt. She read the report and says that she can’t forgive her sister again. Pallavi takes the report and she tells that the DNA doesn’t match with Ranbir. Yes, Ranbir is not the father of the child. Ranbir reads the report but he denies that this is not true he trusts Prachi and his heart says that Prachi is right. He says he is the father of the baby and says even sid will come here to say he will not believe him. He takes Prachi to the room.

Ranbir asks Prachi not to take the stress. Prachi asks him that is he believes her. he says she hurt her and asks these questions and he says that he will answer all their questions, those are blaming her. She says sorry to him for troubling him, hurting and making him cry. Rhea says thanks to God for the reports. Shina and Aliya come there and say that they did this. Sid thinks to call Vikram and tell him that he reached. Sid’s driver informs him that some goons are following them then they make plan to make them fool. Shaina tells that they gave the money to the technician to change the reports. Aliya says if this plan doesn’t work then they have another plan as well. Rhea asks how much money they have been given. Pallavi comes and is shocked.

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