Svaya Robotics unveils India’s first homegrown quadruped robot and exoskeleton

Svaya Robotics, a Hyderabad-based company, has partnered with two DRDO labs, the Research and Development Establishment in Pune (R&DE) and Defence Bio-engineering & Electro Medical Laboratory in Bengaluru (DEBEL), to create India’s first quadruped robot and wearable exo-skeleton. The company has designed both robots to serve multiple purposes in industries and healthcare, and they are dual-use robots.

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The exo-skeleton is specifically tailored to the anthropometry of Indian soldiers and aims to boost their physical strength, allowing them to walk long distances without fatigue and carry heavy loads with minimal effort. G. Satheesh Reddy, Scientific Adviser to the Union Defence Minister and former chairman of DRDO, and senior scientists from the two DRDO labs visited Svaya Robotics’ facility to review the progress of the project.

Quadruped robots:

  • They are four-legged robots that can walk or run on uneven and rough terrains.
  • The robots can carry 25 kg in payload and walk along with the soldier.
  • It is made for navigating in unstructured terrains to provide remote reconnaissance and inspection, which otherwise are not safe for humans to operate in.


  • It is developed to suit Indian soldiers’ anthropometry and augment soldier strength for walking long distances.
  • These active exoskeletons, when worn by soldiers, can carry heavy loads without expending much effort.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • DRDO founded: 1958;
  • DRDO Chairman: Dr Sameer V Kamath;
  • DRDO Headquarters: DRDO Bhavan, New Delhi.

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Svaya Robotics unveils India's first homegrown quadruped robot and exoskeleton_50.1

Svaya Robotics unveils India's first homegrown quadruped robot and exoskeleton_60.1

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