Russian YouTuber Destroys Lamborghini Urus To Promote Energy Drink

Watch: YouTuber Destroys Lamborghini Worth Over Rs 3 Crore Because...

The video has accumulated more than 7 million views and over 700,000 likes.

In a bizarre marketing stunt, a Russian YouTuber, who is popular by the name Mikhail Litvin, completely destroyed a white Lamborghini Urus SUV and captured the entire event on tape. The ultra-luxury car, which has a starting price tag of Rs 3.15 crore in India, was smashed to pieces for the promotion of Mr Litvin’s energy drink brand, Lit Energy. 

Mr Litvin shared the video on YouTube, where he has more than 10 million subscribers. In the clip, the setup can be seen with a car-sized can of Lit Energy suspended by a massive crane which was then dropped right at the top of the Lamborghini SUV, destroying it completely in seconds. 

Mr Litvin shared a short clip showing the same on Instagram as well. “URUS was a good one,” he wrote in the caption of his post. 

Watch the video below: 

Mr Litvin uploaded the video a few days back and since then it has accumulated more than 7 million views and over 700,000 likes on YouTube. Internet users flooded the comment section with all kinds of reactions. Many even criticised the act and said, “For this reason, Ferrari chooses their customer on an invitation basis”. 

“It is sad to live in a time when people are delighted with what is happening. People are trying to be rescued from under the rubble, the whole world is helping, and everything is stable in Russia. I imagine what people will do on camera in 5 years for views,” wrote one user. 

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“I wish you would have donated the money for charity or environment. Good human beings don’t act like you . The amount of money you’ve wasted on this car could have saved 3 or 4 or more lives,” said another. 

A third commented, “There is no more ideas left on how to attract people,” while a fourth added, “What are you thinking this is unacceptable not all of us got this car give this to Turkey”. 

Notably, Lamborghini Urus is among the fastest SUVs on the planet. It was launched in 2018 and is a proper 4-door luxury SUV. The luxury car is powered by a 4.0 litre V8, twin-turbocharged petrol engine.

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