Pratha Kills Urvashi & Mehak?

Hello, all the entertainment enthusiasts, finally your favorite TV drama Naagin 6 is all set to make you feel over the top as the 20th August 2022 episode is bringing the high-voltage drama along with those unexpected activities that would make you feel over the top for sure. Because, finally Pratha reached out to Mehak and continuously asked about her daughter so that, she could bring her back from the place she hide her. But Mehak is too clever and therefore says that no matter what happens she will not tell her anything about her, in short, she is enhancing the rage of Pratha.

Naagin 6 Written Update Episode 20th August 2022 Pratha Kills Urvashi & Mehak

Meanwhile, Urvashi also attacks Pratha from the backside as she wants to make Mehak released from her trap, hence initially Pratha says that Urvashi should die because she is the mastermind behind all these exploits which are happening to her. Even, her prime involvement is also making the appearance as she washed Mehak’s brain as well while inflaming against Pratha. Therefore, first of all, she kills Urvashi and throws her into the chasm by saying that now, her time has arrived and hence she releases her from this world forever.

Naagin Written Update Episode

Meanwhile, Mehak is getting afraid of Pratha as well because she is very angry and looking ahead to take her revenge, and this is the reason, she killed Urvashi, and now it’s her turn. Mehak could not do anything because her powers have been taken back by the lord because of her exploits as she was continuously going negative while taking the advantage of her powers. Hence, she is containing many accusations in her name as well because she killed plenty of people who were innocent. Even she did the worst behavior with Rishabh as well while he was not indulged in any exploit.

On the other hand, Rishabh spoils the intentions of those who want to destroy the country, and therefore, he fires on them unless they count their last breaths. Then he says that no one has a right to go against their country and if someone does so the person needs to have died as he killed these people. Sponteniously Pratha reaches there and sees Rishabh and as soon as she sees him she feels overwhelmed and therefore, hugs him as well. Rishabh also expresses his love for her and then both come back to their house. So do not miss watching it on Colors and for more details stay tuned with us.

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