On CCTV, Robbers Steal Rs 40 Lakh From Biker’s Bag At Delhi Traffic Signal

Two out of the three men have been arrested.

Two men have been arrested for robbing Rs 40 lakh from a biker near Delhi’s Red Fort, police said on Tuesday. A CCTV video shows them stealing the money from the man’s bag as he stops his bike at a traffic signal

In the video, three men are seen closely following a bike surrounded by heavy traffic on the evening of March 1.

As the bike slows down at a traffic signal and comes to a halt between two cars, the men quickly walk up to the bike.

Unknown to the motorcyclist, one of them unzips the backpack on his shoulders and swiftly pulls out something. He then passes it on to the others and within seconds they disappear from the scene.

The whole scene unfolds even as cars are stopped inches away from the bike and pedestrians can be seen walking in front of it.

Two out of the three men have been arrested. They have been identified as Aakash and Abhishek. The group is known to target bikers, police said.

Out of the Rs 40 lakh reported stolen, Rs 38 lakh have been recovered from them, they added.

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