MoistCr1TiKal and Mizkif hit back at DarkViperAU

MoistCr1TiKal and Mizkif hit back at DarkViperAU – Mizkif says DarkViperAU’s controversial tweet explained: Social media is also a good platform for criticism so they could criticize anyone very easily on the social media site and create a controversy. Mixkif uses this platform very gracefully and he creates controversy. Mizkif, the co-founder of OTK, had strong for DarkViper AU given the latter’s recent controversial tweets criticizing react streamers and making a baffling equation to validate his criticism. DarkViperAU compared responding content creators and streamers to sexual abusers in its tweet. he created an unwanted controversy ever since. he also uploaded a Google doc detailing his stance. Follow More Update On


MoistCr1TiKal and Mizkif hit back at DarkViperAU

Dark ViperAu claimed in his tweet that react streamers stole content worth more than a million dollars from other creators. rather than he claimed that all response creators intend to cause harm.

Mizkif counter-attack to Dark ViperAu’s tweet

When Mizkif started watching the 25-minute video, he quickly opened the Twitch analytics and channel website TwitchTracker. He filled in DarkViperAU’s channel.

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he said, “Oh. it’s a simple chat. We don’t need to watch a video about this. Here’s why he’s p****d”.

he looked at the graphs showing DarkViperAU’s viewership and streaming time graph and he tweeted, “It’s that simple. I don’t need a twenty-five-minute video to tell me he is p****d and now irrelevant. You’re on 4k or something, and you fell off hard”.

he also tweeted after reading Dark’s chat for a few seconds to see what they are saying. he ended his tweet like this, “That is it. You lost weight. You had something going on. Bada-boom bada-bing and may be moved to Austin, Texas, but that is going to do it”.

Fans’ and viewers reactions towards Mixkif tweet

Fans and viewers liked the Mixkif tweet and what he said about DarkViperAu. some fans also shared their support for him.

one of the viewers said, ‘Mizkif’s career got started because of reacting streamers. So he is proof that the exposure can be beneficial.

Another fan wrote,” Mizkif’s career got started because of reacting streamers. so he is proof that the exposure can be beneficial.

A fan from U/kgb725 commented that ‘Charlie to he even credits it hor jumpstarting his career.

u/the_dmac user said,’ Brings to mind that I struggle to think of any big Aussie steamers. There are a couple in the Fortnite space but they are not as big as they were originally.

so a tweet could become a big controversy. these social media celebrities are inspirations of young youth if they would react like this so what could be expected from the young generation?

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