Kanye West Lists One Of Two Wyoming Ranches For $11 Million

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It might have been easy to miss with all the other Kanye West stories that seem to be flying around all the time, but back in October the artist made a somewhat surprising move by listing Monster Lake Ranch, one of his two ranches in Wyoming, for sale with an asking price of $11 million, which is significantly less than its asking price when he bought it only a couple years ago.

West must be at least somewhat eager to get rid of the property, since its $11 million asking price is $3 million less than what the asking price (which isn’t necessarily what he paid for it) was when he bought it back in September of 2019. This leads TMZ and other outlets to speculate that perhaps this has something to do with West’s efforts to reconcile with Kim Kardashian.

Monster Lake Ranch doesn’t take its name from Kanye’s 2010 hit, but from the “monster trout” that are said to be plentiful there. The ranch, located in Cody, Wyoming, sprawls over 4,500 acres and includes eight separate lodging units, two lakes, a restaurant, and a handful of other miscellaneous buildings and features.

But most of all, it offers isolation and quiet in the great outdoors, something that some people can appreciate more than others can.

Here’s a look at Monster Lake Ranch from the summer of 2019, just before West ended up buying it up, courtesy of JP King Auction Company:

And here’s a more recent video tour from DBW Realty, which doesn’t appear to emphasize the Kanye West connection:

Despite speculation that Kanye West is getting rid of his Wyoming ranch to try to win back Kim Kardashian, the sale of Monster Lake Ranch won’t be the end of West’s real estate holdings in the state. He also owns Bighorn Mountain Ranch, an even larger 6,700-square-foot spread, also in Wyoming.

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