International Day of Mathematics or Pi Day observed globally

International Day of Mathematics or Pi Day observed globally_50.1

International Day of Mathematics 2023

Every year on March 14, the International Day of Mathematics, also known as Pi Day, is observed to honour the mathematical constant Pi, which expresses the proportion of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The value for Pi is 3.14. Every year, all nations are welcome to take part in events that are open to the public and students in schools, museums, libraries, and other locations. At its 205th meeting, the Executive Council of UNESCO declared March 14 to be the International Day of Mathematics.

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International Day of Mathematics 2023: Theme

According to the celebration’s official website, the theme for Pi Day 2023 is “Mathematics for Everyone,” which was suggested by Marco Zarco Rotairo of Trece Martires City National High School in the Philippines.

International Day of Mathematics 2023: Significance

The purpose of the holiday is to recognise and celebrate the value of mathematics in our daily lives. Pi is a fundamental constant that is important for calculations, and scientists have studied and employed mathematics. Also, Albert Einstein’s birthday anniversary falls on this day. The renowned theoretical scientist Stephen Hawking passed away on this day in 2018.

International Day of Mathematics 2023: History

  • In 1988, American physicist Larry Shaw recognised the day by planning a major party at the San Francisco Exploratorium. The initial celebration was carving a pie into the shape of pi and reciting the number pi to all possible decimal places.
  • Mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse is credited for determining Pi’s value for the first time. When Leonhard Euler used the sign of Pi in 1737, the scientific community eventually embraced it.
  • Pi Day will be recognised as International Mathematics Day in 2019 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at its 40th General Conference.

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International Day of Mathematics or Pi Day observed globally_60.1

International Day of Mathematics or Pi Day observed globally_70.1

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