International Day of Forests: 21 March

March 21st is observed as International Day of Forests or World Forestry Day worldwide to increase awareness about the importance of forests, woodlands, and trees in our lives. It is important to understand the value, significance, and contributions of the forests to balancing the life cycle on earth. An issue like deforestation is also addressed on this day.

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What is the Theme of International Day of Forests 2023:

The International Day of Forests for 2023 has adopted the theme of “Forests and health” to emphasize the interdependence between the existence of forests and our well-being. Forests play a critical role in supporting the survival of all living creatures, including humans.

What is the Significance of  International Day of Forests 2023:

International Day of Forests celebrates and raises awareness about the importance of all types of forests. It also celebrates and honours the trees that are outside forests, in villages, towns, cities and on the side of roads and lanes.

The day calls upon citizens, governments, NGOs, other local, national and international bodies to undertake organised efforts to plant trees and protect forests from destruction.

What is the History of International Day of Forests 2023:

In December 20, 2006, during its 61st session, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) declared 2011 as the International Year of Forests with the aim of promoting consciousness on the conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests in the context of poverty eradication and global warming mitigation. This decision was made to underscore the significance of forests in achieving development goals.

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