Ex Foreign Secretary Shares ChatGPT’s Mediation Plan For Russia-Ukraine War, Shashi Tharoor Says…

Shashi Tharoor Reacts To ChatGPT's Mediation Plan For Russia-Ukraine War

Shashi Tharoor said, “It’s a great experiment!”

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot has become the latest trend on social media. Since its launch in November last year, several internet users have been posting screenshots of their conversations with the bot. Now, joining the trend, former Indian foreign secretary and writer Vikas Swarup asked the AI bot to come up with a meditation plan for the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. To this, ChatGPT replied with a possible 8-point solution which included steps like decentralisation of power in the Russian-speaking region and international monitoring of the implementation of agreements reached during negotiations. 

Noticing the bot’s answer, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor called the experiment interesting. However, he also pointed out that leaders involved in conflicts are irrational in ways beyond the comprehension of artificial intelligence. 

In his Twitter post, Mr Swarup said that he asked the AI bot to come up with a mediation plan for the Russia-Ukraine War. To this, ChatGPT acknowledged that finding a solution acceptable to both parties is a challenging task, but it added that it can suggest a possible mediation solution. 

The chatbot said negotiations between the leaders of the two nations should aim to find common ground and establish a framework for future cooperation. It also called for economic assistance from global financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to help stabilise Ukraine’s economy. 

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“Russia should recognise the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the AI bot said. It added that Russia should work with its neighbour to protect the cultural rights of Russian speakers in Ukraine, such as allowing the use of the Russian language in education and public life. The chatbot also called for the withdrawal of military forces from the conflict zone and the establishment of a demilitarized zone along the border. 

Reacting to Mr Swarup’s tweet, Thiruvananthapuram MP wrote, “Interesting initiative by @vikasswarup but as he knows, in conflicts leaders are irrational in ways beyond AI’s comprehension!”

“In this specific case I can think of several objections from both sides, mainly the Russians, to the ChatGPT formulation. But it’s a great experiment!” Mr Tharoor added. 

Notably, Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The invasion has caused tens of thousands of deaths on both sides and instigated Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II.

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